Stand Up to Trevor Noah and the Daily Show

On Monday, Jan. 8, 2018, Trevor Noah of the Daily Show made a reprehensible and demeaning on-air reference to our community as “Filthy Armenians” while the Daily Show production team added a laugh track to accompany the appalling remark.


Earlier today, the Armenian National Committee of America - Western Region submitted a letter to the President of the station, demanding an immediate apology and a meeting.


Take action now! Send a letter to President Alterman now.


Don’t wait for the next person to do this. We need them to hear from you, your family and friends NOW.  It’s just one click!


Simply type in your name, address and email address and click “Send Message!”  


After you send the letter, take a minute to spread the word on your social media platforms to encourage friends and family to take action on this important issue.Then make a call to the station at (323) 462-2400.


Let’s Do This!

ANCA Position Statement